Interprofessional Collaboration For Patient-Centered Care.

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Interprofessional collaboration for patient-centered care As healthcare advances and becomes more convoluted there is an increase need for interprofessional collaboration to provide quality and patient-centered care. According to the Institute of Medicine (2015), not one profession can lead and expand interprofessional collaboration independently. It requires collaboration of all team members working to their highest level of functioning to provide patient centered care. Interprofessional collaboration involves healthcare professionals from multi-disciplinary teams with one common goal of providing excellent care to patients. To provide the best patient-centered and team based care all of the team members have to be in sync and willing…show more content…
For example, if physicians are too busy due to the shortage, nurse practitioners and physician’s assistants are able to work together and provide patient centered care. Another example that displays the relevance of interprofessional collaboration involves interprofessional collaboration on the unit. The nurses, physicians, doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, physical therapist, occupational therapist, social workers, dietary and pastoral care should all communicate and organize the patient care. One example of incorporating interprofessional collaboration to provide patient centered care is the use of bed side reporting. Bedside reporting will aid in the development of a trusting relationship between the patient and the healthcare team (Gonzalo, Wolpaw, Lehman & Chuang, 2014). The use of bedside reporting with the healthcare team will help the patient understand that everyone is working together to ensure the best care is being provided. Bed side rounding enforces open communication with the patient, family members and the other team members. ARHQ (2015), Refers to this as a huddle. A huddle is a meeting that re-establish situation awareness, reinforce plans and changing the plan as needed (ARHQ, 2015). Interprofessioal collaboration is so
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