Intervention In Family Therapy

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As a family therapist, the goal for this family is to discuss the reasons for and against filling out the proper paperwork to receive their father’s inheritance and come to a resolution. I would explore if there were any past history of resentment towards their father that some may have or if it is too spite another sibling. They will also resolve the dispute in a manner that all parties can agree and accept. After the family discusses their grievances, I would use a strategic family therapy technique by reframing the dispute over the inheritance. For example, I would say it is about the love of their father and how the other siblings want to retain his belonging to pass down to other generations. I would have the family involved in role play about their thoughts, feelings, and have other members comment on what they heard. Another …show more content…

Another goal is to allow the family to visit Belay. I would use a strategic family therapy technique by reframing the presenting problem. For example, I would tell Tesfaladate that the family must have really loved and respected his judgment and responsibility in order for them to not object to him taking care of Belay instead of looking elsewhere. Another example, I would tell the family that Tesfaladate dropped everything in his life in America to move to Eritrea in order to take care of his sick brother, he must really love and care about him.I would ask them about attempted solutions and also what would be the first signs that things are getting better. I would have them act out role plays about their thoughts, feelings, and then I would have other family members respond to what they heard. Another intervention would be for the family to visit Belay on the weekend and we can discuss how that went in our sessions and if we can expand the visitation time into the

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