Intervention Is An Ancient And Well Established

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Intervention is an ancient and well-established

instrument of foreign policy as diplomatic pressure,

negotiations and war. From the time of the ancient

Greeks to this day, some states have found it

advantageous to intervene in the affairs of other states

on behalf of their own interests and against the latters '

will. Other states, in view of their interests, have

opposed such interventions and have intervened on

behalf of theirs.

It is only since the French Revolution of 1789 and

the rise of the nation- state that the legitimacy of

intervention has been questioned.

USA’s involvement in other countries’ affairs has

often raised more than a few eyebrows. Its earliest

intervention could be dated back to the early 19th

century. The First and Second Barbary Wars were

the first wars waged by the United States outside its

boundaries after the War of Independence. Directed

against the Barbary States of North Africa, it was

fought to end piracy against American-flagged ships in

the Mediterranean.

The founding of Liberia was privately sponsored by

American groups, primarily the American Colonization

Society, but the country enjoyed the support and

unofficial cooperation of the United States government.

Matthew Perry negotiated a treaty opening Japan

to the West with the Convention of Kanagawa in

1854. The U.S. advanced the Open Door Policy that

guaranteed equal economic access to China and support

of Chinese territorial and
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