Interview At My Mother, Cindy Brown Essay

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I am going to interview my mother, Cindy Brown. She and my father lived in Okinawa, Japan in 1992. She lived there for six and a half months and he lived there for a year. They were there because my father was in the military and they stayed on a military base. I had planned on doing the interview at home and watching the videos they had taken. I was unable to do this because I never got a chance when I went home over the weekends in the past. So instead I am going to face time my mom and ask her the questions through that. I expect her to have a lot of culture shocks and differences from the United States. When I grew up and where she grew up, it is such a small town and not very much diversity at all. I just know how I would be going to Japan and not knowing much about it or anyone there.
Okinawa is located at the southwest tip of Japan. “Okinawa means “rope in the open sea” (Wikitravel). Okinawa’s culture is of the Ryukyu Kingdom. The Ryukyu Kingdom was a very diverse culture because of its blend through commerce with China, Korea, Southeast Asia, and mainland Japan (Japan Monthly Web Magazine). The Kingdom of the Ryukyu was an independent kingdom. The islands that make up Okinawa, are also known as the Ryukyu Islands. They are also known as this because they are named after the native culture, which makes it particularly different from the rest of Japan. This is because of the language, arts, cuisine, etc. (Japan-guide). With a custom and language of their own, this

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