Mama Day By Gloria Naylor Essay

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Gloria Naylor gave non-black audiences an insight of black women using different perspectives. As a child Gloria read white American Literature, which later lead her to be a writer and publish great insight perspective writings.(encyclopedia) As Gloria got older, she was an advanced student in high school, she even graduated with honors.(encyclopedia) Later, while in college she faced an obstacle of finding her blackness after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.(encyclopedia).She then left to be a teacher for Jehovah Witness as a way to search for her purpose.(encyclopedia) Her whole childhood geared her towards being an author, and to write one of her most popular books “ The Women of Brewster Place ”. “ The Women of Brewster Place “ was an interesting and stereotype changing book. She thought that white American Literature were underrepresenting black women, so she decided to write. Gloria’s experiences helped her with creating the characters that have a different background , lifestyle , struggles, ages ,and situations. She wanted to break the stereotype and to give non- colored people a clean mindset of a colored women.(encyclopedia) It shows that she really cares about the …show more content…

She skillfully explored her characters backstory in depth. In “ Mama Day” Gloria created a tone where William Shakespeare’s The Tempest meets black folklore.(edit. Of ency. brit.) Naylor’s next book was “Linden Hills” which theme is over the destroying of materialism in black neighborhoods.(edit. Of ency. brit.) And, the tone of suffering goes with her writing “Bailey’s Cafe”. (edit. Of ency. brit.) Also, my author went back to the same vibe as her first book for her last book, “The Men of Brewster Place”(biography). I expect the book to be the same concept as “The Women of Brewster Place” but from a different perspective, the “bad guy” switches and shows the reader that they are the ‘

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