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Obstacle vs. Opportunity During the course of her interview on The Wendy Williams Show, with Wendy Williams, Lolo Jones explains how she uses her past failures as motivation to achieve her dreams. Through everything she has been through, Lolo never quit. She never took the easy way out and always kept her eye on her dream. Her story is “not complete.” (qtd. in Rashaad Jorden) and in this interview it is clear that she is continuing to focus on the opportunities in front of her. Lolo Jones is not just an inspiration to track athletes; she is a role model to different types of athlete and non-athletes. Many people with various backgrounds, can relate to her and use her as an example in their own lives. As a professional athlete,…show more content…
As Lolo says, “A hurdle can either be an obstacle or an opportunity.” (Jones). Lolo chose to make her life hurdles opportunities. Again, anybody can relate to this personally, whether you’re an adult struggling with his or her job or a child struggling in athletics or education, this sentence can motivate anyone. Lolo Jones continues on motivating herself and others taking on additional challenges. After the London Olympics, Lolo was approached to train for a spot on the USA Bobsled team in the 2014 Winter Olympics. A completely different sport and training regimen, requiring her to increase her weight and muscle, but her drive and motivation to succeed helped her to achieve this as well. Lolo is now back to training hurdles again, with a goal of making it to the 2016 Summer Olympic games in Rio. She will be a long shot again, competing against women significantly younger, but she will not let her dream die. Lolo Jones gives back to the community in many ways. As she was growing up in Iowa, she struggled to get basic things like track shoes. One example of Lolo’s commitment to the community was when she “gave each girl on Theodore Roosevelt High School track team a pair of spikes and made a $3,000 donation to the school to repair the track and buy hurdles while in town for the Drake Relays.” (USA Track and Field 1). As an Olympic athlete and a professional hurdler, Lolo’s source of income is

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