Interview With The Person's Political Beliefs

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For this interview assignment, I interviewed my close friend Franki’s mother, Deborah. Deborah is thirty-nine years old and she lives with her two children, Franki and Jessica, and with her husband Frank. The three topics I decided to interview Deborah on were political beliefs, philosophy of leisure time and the goals in life.
The Person’s Political Beliefs
Deborah considers herself a republican and believes that she is very conservative. She believes that everyone should work for what they want in and from life rather than depend on someone else’s resources such as welfare. I then asked her about the current political issues such as abortion, LGBTQ, illegal immigrants etc. Deborah considers herself a pro-life. She believes abortion should be illegal throughout the country, but with the exception of rape and amniocentesis; detects chromosome abnormalities, neural tube defects, and genetic disorders. According to Deborah, every child should have the opportunity to be born in this beautiful world and nobody should be able to take that right away from them.
I then asked her how she feels about the issue of immigration. She responded that her family is not entirely American also, we all came from different parts of the world and America has and …show more content…

Deborah believes that many people in the world today are only after success and tend to neglect their friends and families. She believes that family should be our number one priority because that is where we get out strengths and supports to succeed from almost anything in life. As a nurse, Deborah states that she does not always get to spend the amount of time she wants with her family but she is always in the attempt. She tries to get out of work as early as she can, therefore, she can have dinner with her family. Over spring break, Deborah and her family went on a vacation to the Florida and they plan a vacation almost every spring

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