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Stacy is my tenant. She rents one of the rooms in my house. She first came in to see the room with her father in the summer of 2014. She told me she was transferring from a College in Bakersfield and she was going to attend CSUN in the fall. She is 22 years old, female, and heterosexual. Her attire was proper for the setting, she was wearing clean jeans, a nice t-shirt, and tennis shoes. She had a very happy affect and made direct eye contact with me during our interview. Stacy told me she is very close to her family composed by her father who is a musician, her stay-home mother, her 15 years old brother and two younger sisters ( 5 and 2 years old). Both parents were born in Mexico, but Stacy and her siblings are American citizens. Her family is Catholic but do not practice it or attend church. Stacy’s warm and calm demeanor immediately put me at ease. She articulates her thoughts and ideas very clearly using both verbal and non-verbal communication to express herself. It has been almost a year since Stacy moved into my home and during this time, I was able to notice she was having a hard time to adjust to her new life away from home. The first few months she usually stayed in her room and I hardly saw her. Later, Stacy told me that she was missing her family and boyfriend. She was feeling very lonely and looked very depressed. Few months ago, I saw her in the kitchen looking very sad and I started talking to her. She started to cry, and said she was feeling very

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