Interview of a Social Service Agency

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Interview of a Social Service Agency

Advocates play an important role in the course of empowering individuals who require support to exercise his or her rights, and advocates create awareness in the public concerning the problems. An advocate takes on the role to speak and stand for an individual or group in need. The advocate becomes the voice of the disadvantaged or discriminated population to stop the oppression. Advocates offer assistance and information concerning the person’s rights, listens, ask questions, and much more. The advocate is the person who is there only for the disadvantaged and discriminated population to help explore alternatives on how to achieve, maintain, and protect their interest. The
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The decision-making authority stays among the disagreeing parties. Advocates, on the other hand, can be biased to one party or group. Advocates become the voice for the oppressed population, and initiate awareness on a national and international level to change laws and current condition to improve their needs. An advocate may also assist an individual throughout a negotiation or trial. The previous interview with a professional in the social service field illustrated how mediation and advocacy’s importance. A Social Services Lobbyist is a person advocating for a special interest group, who tries to influence the beginning of, voting on legislation, or help in the decisions of government administrators. They attend government meetings to advocate to help the government create the funds needed to accommodate the client in the best outcome possible.
Incorporation of advocacy and mediation in human services advances conflict resolution through advocacy and mediation. Professionals in the human service field acknowledge the advantages of alternative conflict resolution applied in mediation promoting shared change. A mediator is a neutral third party who assists to resolve a disagreement or conflict by exploring crucial issues, resolve misunderstandings, look at solutions, and discuss a jointly favorable outcome. Mediators set up guiding principles throughout the mediation process. In addition, mediators help better the communication among disagreeing
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