Interview with a Person at Least 60 Years Old

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For this project o had to think of person whom I knew was at least 60 and that I was comfortable enough talking to. The person who best fit this criterion was my neighbor George West. Mr. West was born in June of 1941, and is 73 years old, he has served in the Vietnam War, was a detective for the CIA for a little bit, and then decided to settle down with his family here in El Dorado Hills. He as a very interesting past that I would would be really interesting to talk about and learn about. I talked with Mr. West at length about his experiences and perspective in the war, and how this had a direct influence on him today, and what it was like seeing history occur before his eyes, and social trends of today are seen by him. I essentially aimed to learn more about the Vietnam War, Cuban Missile Crisis, and other earlier Cold War polices. I also asked him a lot about his experiences wight he CIA and a lot of the work that he did with them and how that has changed his perspective on American culture today. This premised a talk about many historic events that also happen to be terms such as the Watergate scandal, his experiences and views on the the Space Race, as well as the social climate during the assassination of the President Kennedy. I capped this riveting discussion of with Civil rights, and his role at the time, as well as how he was major contributor and what he though about the process. This discussion began with talking about his life during the end of the second

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