Interviewing : My Passion Journey To School Counseling

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Interviewing Kylie awakened my passion working as a school counselor. When I first applied to the Counseling and Student Affairs program I was certain I would be a school counselor with my teaching background. After talking to peers the first few weeks in my courses and learning about the mental health track I was in a stump. I didn’t know if the school setting was the right one for me. I wondered if a clinical or hospital setting would better suit me. Interviewing Kylie reminded me of all the reasons I love working in the education field and helped me gain further understanding of a school counselor. When I first met Kylie I asked about her path to school counseling. This is when I found similarities between us and it became a much more fitting and meaningful interview. Kylie and I both received our undergraduate in Elementary Education. Kylie explained to me that the school she taught at didn’t have a school counselor. She expressed her concern of not knowing how to help the students effectively. This pursued Kylie into getting her Master’s in Counseling. Little did she know, she ended up staying in the field rather than bringing her skills she learned back to the classroom.
I discovered how valuable school counselors are when I student taught in a 5th grade classroom in Montgomery, MN. I realized how many of my students utilized counseling and the benefits of it. I will never forget the moment when one of my students came back from counseling and ran up to my desk

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