Into The Wild By Jon Krakauer

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Into the Wild – RRS

Title: Into the Wild Publication Date: 1996
Author: Jon Krakauer Nationality: American

Author’s Birth/Death Date: April 12, 1954 – Present
Distinguishing Traits of the Author: Jon Krakauer is an American mountaineer before a writer. His passion for literature arose indirectly from a series of analyses he wrote for magazines regarding his daring exploits. Many of his works reflect his multiplex feelings regarding the topic of exploration and the dangers associated with such activities, as seen in the effects of Christopher McCandless’ futile expedition. Most of his pieces entail details regarding the realities of mountaineering that defy the common misconceptions and reveries that young and ignorant minds associate with nature. Thus, with his experience driving his work, Krakauer establishes himself as a credible source that brings new insight, tenacity, and style to the art of journalism.
Following the impulses of his romantic notions, Christopher McCandless finds himself ill-equipped in the Alaskan winter of 1992. A far cry from the “good life,” the terrain is “no picnic” with its “big and fast” rivers and “mosquitoes [that] eat [people] alive” (4-5). Within the forest lies the abandoned remains of a Faribanks City Transit System bus, an ominous reminder of what once was when man lived on the land. However, the vehicle eventually came to be recognized as a refuge for hunters during their expeditions. This all changed “in early

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