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As the winds wisp through the willowy woods on one warm November nighttime, our worrisome subject eyes a wooden orifice far into the night. The crunch of leaves and pinestraw accompany his stroll through the midnight Mississippi forest. Spanish moss waves through the wind as Deacon, or as he is affectionately known by his friends as Deac, moves ever so closer to this new object. It is the source of his visit to this mundane backwood land that appears otherworldly to Deac. A cabin in the woods is where Deacon is making his trek to, to visit his girlfriend’s family. “They could’ve told me that I couldn’t drive to the cabin,” Deacon mumbled to himself as he battles the brisk, hard blast of the breeze in the barren woodland. Deacon reaches the door of the …show more content…

As Deacon throws back a swig of the dark cup of ground beans and steaming water as it awakens and warms his body at the same time. While not usually a coffee drinker, he accepts the cup knowing it will help the night go smoother over dinner, as to not hear about the complaints from his future in-laws due to his turning down the coffee. “Come, sit down and have some supper, I know you’re hankering for some food after your trip” the bright-eyed and silver maned lady whom had expelled his future wife into the world twenty-three years ago said as she laid a warm plate of wafting cured ham, mashed potatoes and green peas. The rest of the family arrives to a seat accompanied by an equivalent plate of eats. As the small-talk that attends a family dinner drones on throughout the corners of the softly lit residence, the energy drains from Deacon’s eyes and body as he performs a magical maneuver and makes the food disappear from his plate in haste. He finishes his pleasant helping of food before the rest of the family as he now watches Annabelle, the woman for which he loves yet continues to cheat on their spoken vows of

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