Intoxication In Othello

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In my poem “Intoxication,” I was talking about how many fellow people in the modern world their reputation is ruined, due to the fact that they can't control when they drink beer. It causes them to become violent and to disconnect themselves from the real world, but little do they know it can affect their job. Many people in the modern world, tend to drink a day before they go to work which causes them to go to work unfocused affecting their work environment include those around them. Such as in the situation of Cassio, in the book “Othello,” Shakespeare mentioned “Reputation, reputation, reputation! O, I have lost the immortal part of myself, and what remains is bestial. My reputation, lago, my reputation.” This demonstrates how Cassio dranked out of control causing him to lose his job, which Othello generously gave to him because he thought he was the right guy for it. With such foolish behavior he won't be taken serious no longer by the military workers. Without his reputation Cassio is no one, but a beast who has nothing to receive or give.

In my “Womanish,” poem I displayed how many women's reputation are disrupted by men because in the modern world women let themselves be pushed around by their husband since they truly love them. They’re blinded by love allowing themselves to become weaker. Women mostly are seen as people who obey all their husband says, cleans and cooks when it’s asked. The Woman's reputation is being ruined by serving others, when they don't

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