A Woman 's Place, And Zulu Kente 's Poem, I Know You Good Woman

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Women have power, power over you, me and everyone. What makes them so special is that we (men) can’t live without them. They are sensitive, and at the same time strong, they care, they love, and most important, they are beautiful. Women have come a long way in society throughout time. They 've gone from being nothing to being something. But yet, there are issues with women in today’s society. Naomi Wolf with her essay “A women’s place” and Zulu Kente’s poem “I know you good woman” they address that the role of woman in our society needs a lot of improvement. Women face daily issues such as their voices are not being heard, they are being paid less than men, their opportunities and education are very limited, male sexism through woman, and last but not least, woman are criticized by their physical appearance. Sadly, women have been recognized as the inferior sex since the beginning of the time, and yet, their roles haven’t change too much. It used to be usual for a woman to be unemployed and, according to The Library of Congress webpage, in the early 1900s, women who tried to get a job or join the suffragette movement were less respected. Some of today’s women take up the traditional female role of being a housewife and being general helpers to their husbands. Despite women having jobs nowadays society is still naming professions that many think upon as feminine roles, for example, secretaries and nurses.
The feminist writer Naomi Wolf addresses in her Essay “A Woman’s

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