Intra And Inter Generational Equity

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Anthropocene era is minuscule compared to geologic era but has already made huge impact upon world 's ecology and physical resource. Creating and maintaining some mechanism to prevent runaway consumption and misuse of resource is paramount to ensure justice and equity among population of present as well as future generation. Without such mechanism, people tends to become self centered and they act without any regard for others; creating imbalance in resource use and social order within space-time continuum.
Intra generational equity deals with equity and justice issues within present generation, while inter generational equity is about ensuring equity and justice among generations without any concomitant presence on Earth.
Intra generational equity
Munasinghe (2007) described intra generational equity perfectly as an interrelating function of economic and social equity.

Figure: Sustainable Development Triangle (Source: Munasinghe, 2007)
From Economic perspective, although Panzer (1978) introduced Pareto-Efficient-Egalitarian-Equivalent-Allocation (PEEE), which theoretically works quite well with fair and efficient resource allocation and production economies while having excellent Rawlsian maximin properties as well; real life scenario is dominated by capitalism. Present economic sustainability concept tries to maximize income flow while preserving stock of assets or capital as much as possible.

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