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“Observation at Local Fast Food Restaurant During Lunch”

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Introduction to Sociology

“Observation at Local Fast Food Restaurant at Lunch”
Have you ever tried listening to everything going on at the same time at a fast food restaurant during the lunch time rush hour? Well, I did and I am going to share the results of my whirlwind encounter last week. Within my observation, I will go over the layout of the establishment in which my observation was conducted, as well as who came to the establishment, the conversations and the interactions that took place. I hope you enjoy my observation and respect my findings from this visit.
The place I chose for my observation is approximately
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When I sat down there were two African-American women approximately 30 years old, seated with two children each. One set of children were approximately two years old, a boy and a girl. Their focus is basically assisting their French fries make it to their mouths. The other set of children are both boys. One is approximately three years old and the other looks to be about seven years old. I cannot tell who the Mother is to either set of children, and who is responsible for them. Both women are attending to the smaller children equally. One of the women is very pregnant. The pregnant woman takes the trays to the trash as the other tightens the sippy-cup’s lids of the three younger children. The two year old boy put a toy in his mouth and one of the women told him to stop it. When the non-pregnant woman allowed the young children to swap an airplane toy for an Iron Man figure, the two year old boy started crying. It was apparent at that point, who the mother was as she got up to go do something out of my sight, and the young two year old boy turned around and started crying with outstretched arms.
Behind me, there are two ladies and a young boy. Both women appear to be of Asian descent. One appears to be approximately forty years old and the other looks to be in her mid to late sixties, and the small boy that appeared to be
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