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I grew up with teaching myself. My mother was born in Colombia, then came here specifically to learn English and go back to her home country until she met my dad and from that moment her entire life changed. I was raised in a Hispanic middle class home. My first language was Spanish and when I started elementary school I learned English. Just beginning elementary school, I was already struggling with the language I was in ESL classes at school and then speech therapy on the side. I was struggling with learning a new language and adjusting to school. My mom was not born here so I had to teach myself everything or I had a tutor to do so. It was hard watching my mom struggle to do anything she could in her power so that I was able to understand. I never liked my dad teaching me anything even though he was from here and knew the language perfectly. My dad expected me to know everything so it would lead him into getting frustrated and having outbursts of anger towards me whenever he had to help me with anything…show more content…
It was an ugly one but everything happens for a reason. My parents needed to be separate so they can actually function. Once my parents divorced my mom and I moved out of my dads and we moved into a new home. I started a new chapter of my life, high school in a new home with my mom by my side. Now my mom had to take on the father and mother role at the same time. She had to pay all the bills provide me with transportation, cook, clean and work all at the same time financially supporting herself and I. Some days were extremely long and some felt like they were never ending. I would always remember waking up and my mom never having been there because she would always be working. Hustle while people are sleeping, I always thought to myself. I would only see my mom just for a few hours everyday. Usually I have to cook for myself and do everything by
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