Introduction And History Of Microsoft Corporation

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Microsoft Final Project Columbia College Managerial Economics Introduction and History of Microsoft Corporation Microsoft and CEO Bill Gates have been established as a household name over the last few decades, mostly due to their Windows operating system used in PCs (Personal Computers). It all started with two friends, Bill Gates and Robert Allen. The two of them both had an extreme interest in computers and were master programmers. In 1975-1981, they (with the help of a friend, Steve Ballmer) developed a system called MS-DOS, which most consider to be the first real operating system. In 1982, Microsoft released the first Windows OS, known as Windows 1.0. This system was the first to enable a user to point and click…show more content…
Due to its high success rate, they released a follow-on platform known as the Xbox 360 in 2005. As time progressed, hackers and spyware were beginning to become a very real problem for computer users. In 2008, Microsoft released Vista, their newest OS that had the capability to defend against viruses and would be attackers. In order to stay current with the needs of consumers, Microsoft began updating their OS’s to mimic the appearance and versatility of smartphones. This new feature, enabled users to modify the screen and settings to their liking. 2009 brought forth a big change for Microsoft, as they attempted to enter another market segment: search engines. Google had been dominating the market for years, and Microsoft’s answer was to release Bing, a highly adaptive search engine. To take it a step further, Microsoft launched their Virtual Studio and began developing their own video games as well as doing graphic work for movies. The same year, the Windows 8 phone was released to compete with Apple’s I-phone and the Android devices. Microsoft is one of the very few companies that has dominated the market for decades with very few challenges on the competitive front. The founder Bill Gates, has brought himself from a college student, to the richest man in the world by introducing innovative technological products. (Microsoft, 2016) Types of Products There are many products and services offered by the Microsoft Corporation,
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