Introduction :Canadian Tyre Company Was Started On 15 September

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INTRODUCTION : Canadian tyre company was started on 15 September 1922 on 639 Yonge street and founder of this company are Alfred J. Billes J. W illam Billes . In addition to this Stephen Wetmore President and CEo of this company currently. ( Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, 2017)

Q : What a problem faced by Canadian tyre ?
Ans: Problem faced by Canadian tyre is on Hacking their site by third party check their customer credit card or debit card accounts, so its suffered security problem through a hacker . ( Sean O’Shea reports.)

Q : What a solution for this problem ?
ANS: This problem is not a minor issue to check somebody preference so I think its better to reset all the password of members who are login to this site and …show more content…

“We recently noticed unusual traffic on our website and suspended customer sign-in capabilities while we investigate,” said Nadalin. After, this report every Canadian tyre company client was in trouble that what its happen and the company give solutions to avoid these problem .
Q: What is the solution to solve this problem?
Ans : Afterwards , I am in great confusion about how this problem is solved there are different solutions are kept in mind but at the end I know how to remove these problem it is a better solution as compare to other solution reset all id of their customers as well reset their password because we know that with help of this hacker should not have able to see privacy of company clients and its better for company as well as its member or as every company has its toll free number ,so any confusion by any member they can call at toll free number to solve it. After this solution I think company handle this problem temporaily and they gain their trust easily which they lose. Lastly, now they update better software so that in

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