Introduction . Cannabis Is The Most Commonly Used Illegal

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Cannabis is the most commonly used illegal drug that is used world wide with an estimation of 125-203 million users in 2009 (Degenhardt & Hall 2012). Cannabis misuse causes adverse effects and leads to addiction if consumed continuously ( ). Substance abuse leads to health effects and also becomes expensive for governments hence the need to endeavour to try and sort out issues that affect it ( ). There is clear-cut evidence in the literature which illuminates the physiological aspects and psychological explanations of substance abuse. (ref) Cannabis abuse is considered to be a vital subject for reasons that (a) some countries such as Netherlands have legalised even though it is an illicit drug and some nations are on the …show more content…

In addition, Physiological effects of drug addiction differ depending on the type of drug being consumed. The brain is primarily where the physical effects of drug addiction occur. Drugs influence how the brain functions because it gets inundated with substances.
History of cannabis

What is cannabis, also known as marijuana is a psychoactive drug. Psychoactive drug can be defined as chemicals that alter an individuals mood, behaviour and consciousness. (Comer, Gould & Furnham 2013).
Cannabis is catergorised as a substance use disorder (DSM5 2013). Source plants that can be defined as a plant that has a strong odour which dry leaves that intoxicating drugs come from. (ref). Forms of cannabis are female and male which both produce THC and the female produces higher concentration than the male. clinical features

forms herbal resin oil • the dried leaves
• Hashish the resin obtained from the flower top a concentration that is removed from the cannabis plant happens to be frequently used by cannabis users. (DSM 5 2013).

it is a plant that Cannabinoid is an active principle that is found in marijuana. Delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabidiol and cannabinol are the composites that are obtained from cannabis. (Pertwee 2005).
Cannabis can be consumed in the form of smoking, eating and

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