Introduction. Every Company Has A Workforce With The Need

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Introduction Every company has a workforce with the need and desire to know they are appreciated and valued. It’s a common downfall for the office environment to grow stale and dull which brings about the need of an employee recognition program to stimulate and drive our staff. This program originated as a “want” across all companies, but has now been moved into the “need” category. Companies are taking their goals and strategically aligning them with the employee recognition program. Major corporations have even added this perk to their hiring site. When developed and overseen appropriately, this program can increase the communication line between management and staff. It can also increase employee morale by giving them the feeling of …show more content…

According to Iverson and Zatzick (2011), “employees ' morale and welfare will be particularly important for high-performance work systems (HPWS) that rely on human capital for competitive advantage” (p.29). Note. Adapted from The effects of downsizing on labor productivity: The value of showing consideration for employees ' morale and welfare in high-performance work systems. by Iverson, R. D., & Zatzick, C. D., 2011, Human Resource Management, p. 39.
Project Plan To combat this merger cloud hanging over our staff heads, I suggest the following reward programs be implemented. The first program is Cash Incentive (Debit and Credit Cards). The benefits of cash is that it’s the easiest form to oversee and provide the quickest route to employee satisfaction. It’s easy to disperse to employees. Employees can purchase anything they want and aren’t tied down to company products. While cash may be the easiest to give away, we also have to look at giving out large lump sum prizes which may be more enticing then small amounts. We must make sure that the amount is given separately and not considered a part of the employees regular pay check. While employees may be proud of their earnings, we want to make sure it’s not displayed like a trophy in the office for others to see. Next we have the simple praise program. This can include sending emails to the entire staff on a weekly monthly or semimonthly basis to congratulate certain employees on their hard work and efforts. Praise is

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