Introduction Of A Mobile Development Program

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Introducing Cluster Development Programme in Bangladesh Bangladesh is one of the most promising emerging economies in South Asia. The averaged GDP growth of the country is 6. 5% which has been largely driven by its exports, remittance and agricultural sectors. Recently, manufacturing industry and service sectors are growing rapidly and the involvement in farming is decreasing. Bangladesh has a lucrative opportunity to become one of the leading economic powers in Asia by properly utilising its cheap labour and geographical position. Bangladesh is the pioneer in introducing microfinance in the world. Eventually, it encouraged the many micro and small enterprises to be established in the fertile land. Many of the small and medium (SME) …show more content…

So this is the high time for the government, different organisations like the Bangladesh Bank, BSCIC, SMEF, NGOs, banks and international organisations like the UNIDO, World Bank, Asian Development Bank to work together for the SME clusters development. The higher educational institutions in Bangladesh also can contribute to the CDP through conducting comprehensive research and by organising continuous development programmes. Recently, I got a call from an employee of Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industry Corporation (BSCIC). He shared a problem with me that he found some lentil producers from the BSCIC industry area who are struggling to survive in the market because their sales are going down and some of them are thinking to wind-up their businesses. So he asked me for sharing some solutions considering their problems. I replied to him that the lentil producers can create marketing consortia by doing which they can increase their sales initially. Before that, they have to maintain a standard quality of their products so that they can sell the produced lentils by a common brand locally and nationally maintaining the same quality. They can also decrease the cost of the production and packaging as the volume will be huge altogether. Later I also added some other recommendations which they can think to work with in the long run like technological

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