Application Of Mobile Phone Application

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The highly demand of rapid health information has led to more inventions in telemedicine technologies. In addition, smartphones and accessibility of the Internet connection have contributed significantly to evolve telemedicine applications to provide better health delivery system (Ngabo et al., 2012). (Free et al., 2013) also states that in health sector particularly in developing countries, using mobile phone have many positive impacts, for instance, improving communication in health information system, educating and controlling patients, as well as for sexual and reproductive health care. a. Practice telemedicine in Zanzibar A study by Lund et al. (2014) explain that in Zanzibar, the innovation of telemedicine in the form of mobile phone application has been used to reduce perinatal mortality. It was designed as simple technology and inexpensive, which is automated SMS and direct phone call. Particular software that shows timeline of pregnancy for each woman has been created. It will also send messages intensively to wired mothers during her pregnancy and 40 days after delivery. The messages are about educating mothers to be aware of danger signs, things related to pregnancy and delivery, and next appointment to control pregnancy or the baby. Each mother also received phone call voucher in case of Emergency from Ministry of Health in Zanzibar to support maternal and health care. Even though mobile phones are not given to the mothers, they have been linked to the midwives
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