Introduction Of An Online Purchase Application

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Introduction: Hire is an online purchase application that lets user to view and buy stuffs online. The products range from simple goods to expensive equipments at a reasonable price where user can register an account, search and view the items, post the general information of the article and buy the products. On registering for the first time, the user should provide general information like Name, Email Id, Username and a self generated password given automatically to the user in their corresponding email. Apart from the admirable functionality of the site, users should always be concerned about the security issues of the system. The massive increase in the drift of e-Commerce has led to a new generation of associated security threats and thus, the site focuses on major security issues like- Availability − Information on the site should always be available 24*7. Reliability − Information should not be distorted during its transmission. Also, the transaction process should be reliable. Confidentiality − Information during transaction shouldn’t not be accessible to 3rd person. Midway interception is unacceptable. Non-Reputability − Once a message is sent by the correspondent, he/she should not be able to refrain sending the message. Similarly the receiver or the recipient of message should not be able to reject. Authenticity − There should be an authenticating mechanism for user before giving him/her access to required information. Encryption – Encryption and decryption should

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