Introduction Of Business Law Coursework Assignment

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Introduction to Business Law Coursework Assignment

Question 1 Part 1:
In the English system, there are two laws that have a huge and fundamental impact on the English law. These two laws are the most common type of laws that are carried out within the court, either in Crown Court or the Magistrate’s Court. Depending on the seriousness of the damage caused by the breaking the law, not all prosecutions are carried out in the Crown Court. The English Law coincides within two countries of Great Britain and they are England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. The English common law is made up of judges sitting in court and applying laws and rights to the facts that are presented to them.
The first law which is the civil law deal with matters between the individuals such as friends, family or business partners. This type of law will deal with areas such as breaching a contract, tort of negligence or the selling and supplying of goods within a business or even a small shop. Civil law is derived and originated within Europe which its original framework started off within the late Roman law. Civil Law is different compared to Criminal Law due to the prosecutions being different. Civil Law would prosecute a certain individual which would mainly be compensations for damages caused. On the other hand, Criminal Law is completely different compared to Civil Law and has a different way of prosecuting individuals to minor or major crimes that they have caused. No matter in which part…

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