Introduction. Reading Has Been Considered A Great Source

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Reading has been considered a great source of knowledge for a very long time. Reading does not merely mean just reading what is written in the piece of paper but it is about understanding what has been written in order to develop knowledge. Furthermore, it is about exploring other people’s perspective and views and connecting it to our own. Both reading and writing are two essential skills in Sociology in order to study society and social behaviour.

This assignment will be a reading response essay of two course readings. The body of the essay will be divided into two parts. The first part of the essay will be a response to each reading, exploring and discussing the key ideas and claims that each authors makes. The second …show more content…

Knowing that land is a taonga (treasure) to Māori people, it made me think about the negative impact it had on them due to not being able to have a control over their own land and gradually losing their language, culture, and spirituality due to colonisation.

Throughout the reading, the writer listed multiple examples supported with other researches about the systematic dispossession of Māori land (Wynyard, 2017) which helped me understood and grasp the ideas that the writer wanted to put across. It has also helped me understand the severity of the issue on this topic.

Before reading Wynyard’s article, I was aware of the general story about how Māori people sold their land in exchange for guns, clothing, and unfamiliar items that the British settlers had. I came to know about this information through hearsay when I first arrived in the country and wanted to know a quick story about New Zealand and Māori people. It was just in the last few years that I was given more and appropriate information about the true history of Aotearoa New Zealand (hearing it from Māori’s viewpoint). Upon reading this article, I came to realise the suffering that Māori people had to go through at the time in regards to losing their land and the Government not honouring their part of the Treaty of Waitangi (Wynyard, 2017). The writer also introduced me to new concepts that changed my viewpoint as to why Māori people are

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