Introduction. When Seeking Employment, One Searches For

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When seeking employment, one searches for specific traits and qualities that the organization offers such as; benefits, communication, employee retention, employee safety, structure, training and most importantly diversity in the workplace. Diversity has been improving for over 50 years but was brought to the forefront when minorities were fighting for equality during the Civil Rights movement of 1964. Title VII of 1964 prohibits employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex and national origin (EEOC). The US workforce is becoming increasingly competitive by developing a diverse organization. The idea of diversity is accepting and understanding the creative differences and uniqueness that everyone brings to the …show more content…

According to Greenberg, these advantages are; increased adaptability, broader service range, a variety of viewpoints and a more effective execution (Greenberg, (n.d.). Para 1-5). Increased adaptability allows a plethora of solutions on a larger scale with a variety of innovative ideas to implement in the fluctuating market. A broader service range is a collection of multi-talented individuals that can assist the company on a global level. Variety of viewpoints is communicating effectively and efficiently in ways to assist the organization in selecting the best ideas to execute the business strategy needs. The company is responsible for providing a more effective execution by motivating their employees while motivation will increase profit and productivity.
When explaining the advantages, there 's also disadvantages as well. Some of these disadvantages explained by Greenberg are; discrimination, communication, resistance to change, implementing diversity and managing diversity (Greenberg, (n.d.). Para 6-10). Depending on the circumstances and which it applies to, there are many forms of discrimination that are protected by established laws i.e. age, cultural, disability, race and sexual orientation. For example, The U.S. District Court jury in Washington, D.C., awarded ex-Chipotle employee $550,000 in a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit. Doris

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