Essay about Introduction of HIPPA Standards for Employees

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Using the Foundation of Knowledge Model, I would explain to the vice-president that knowledge acquisition, which occurs through education and research, occurred in our department during a morning huddle, where HIPPA standards were first introduced to members of our department (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2012). Through an introduction of what HIPPA meant for healthcare providers, staff learned that HIPPA meant confidentiality of protected health information (“Health insurance,” 2013). This meant staff were to only access patient information for patients they were taking care of and they needed to be cautious with whom and where patient information was discussed. All staff were required to complete a learning module and pass the module and …show more content…

Knowledge processing is the final step where knowledge is gathered or collected, perceived, transmitted, and stored (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2012). Staff gathered information about the importance of HIPPA and the consequences of not following HIPPA. Knowing the importance and consequences and what steps need to be taken to protect patient information, nurses are consciously aware of ways to prevent violation of HIPPA. As new knowledge is acquired, techniques to prevent violation of HIPPA will continue to arise and practice to prevent violation with continue to change to maintain patient privacy.

Dear Vice-President,

I would like to reassure you that my staff are very compliant with HIPPA. Since HIPPA was introduced, staff have completed an annual HIPPA competency and signed a form stating their understanding and willing to comply with HIPPA. It is evident that staff are taking measures to prevent violations of HIPPA. In the hallways if a computer happens to be logged in with no user in sight, staff members passing by will immediately log off the computer. Even though staff are constantly reminded to never keep their computers logged in, there are instances where users are logged in, yet they are no where to be found. We will continue to remind staff of the importance of logging off. With the implementation of bedside reporting and interdisciplinary

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