Introduction to Counselling Concepts

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Introduction to Counselling Concepts DRAFT Learner Statement 1: 31/1/06 - I am delighted to begin my path towards future mastery of counselling skills. I have already developed a strong background in mediation and psychology with numerous accreditations to my name. In undertaking my studies in counselling skills I seek to expand my repertoire of knowledge and understanding in the broad psychosocial arena, and add some useful new abilities to my professional ‘toolkit’. The counselling concepts class is somewhat larger than on other courses I have attended, I had grown accustomed to working in small intimate groups. I hope to engender trust and friendship with the other students, however it can be difficult to do so when one has…show more content…
As regards seating arrangements, a clear line of sight between ‘Helper’ and ‘Helpee’ is a requirement for eye contact. The Helper should also ensure that their physical and emotional needs have been met i.e. that they aren’t overly hungry, stressed or requiring a break. Introduction to Counselling Concepts DRAFT Learner Statement 3: 28/2/06 - Further examination of the BACPs Ethical Framework BACP Ethical Principles: Fidelity, Autonomy, Beneficence, Non-maleficence, Justice, Self-Respect. BACP Ethical Values: Respecting human rights and dignity Ensuring the integrity of practitioner-client relationships Enhancing the quality of professional knowledge and its application Alleviating personal distress and suffering Fostering a sense of self that is meaningful to the person(s) concerned Increasing personal effectiveness Enhancing the quality of relationships between people Appreciating the variety of human experience and culture Striving for the fair and adequate provision of counselling, and psychotherapy services. The values are different from principles, as values are general ethical ideals to be upheld, whereas principles are a more pro-active expression of professional regard. Whilst all Ethical Values have merit; in my opinion, ‘Alleviating personal distress and suffering’ is the most important Value, as to do so is the primary mission of any Counsellor. The maxim ‘Do no harm, and do one’s best to aid those in
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