Intuition Vs. Rational Intuition

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Intuition - the ability to understand what is happening instantly and outside conscious control, without the need for conscious reasoning and argument. Mystical intuition understood as the knowledge gained from the higher powers, rational intuition based on experience and is opposed to reasoning deployed discursive thought.

Making a decision, more men are turning to the head, and intuitive solution for them where everything is clear at once, without much consideration. Women are more likely to live feelings and body, and intuitive solution for them is that they themselves feel comfortable, after the adoption of which they become internally calm and comfortable.

When your intuition refers to the wise, experienced man - listen to him. Intuition How to Fold, unconscious reasoning, intuition as an indicator of experience and professionalism - a matter of respect.

At the very beginning of the new situation thinking occurs in the expanded and conscious, in the form of reasoning. Mastering the situation, repeating over and over again, the arguments are more concise and less conscious. If this internal argument quite succinctly, already unconscious and runs without tension, easy, amid the usual relaxation, says people often do not hesitate to sometimes cause a loss for intermediates reasoning and referring simply on intuition. That is - to have unconsciously internalized experience.

An experienced eye always sees more than the eye newcomer. Anyone who is engaged in something…
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