Invasion Of Privacy Essay

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When hasn’t there been a time that Americans complained about their privacy? Invasion of privacy by hackers and the government is a huge problem in America because of the large amount of technology. The more that technology grows the more resources hackers and the government has to snoop in on our personal lives. There are many, and I mean many info-advertisement that advise you to secure you identity. But does it actually work? Since the age of technology, there has always been some hacker more advanced than the security systems out. In America, there are actual people who have decoded the systems and invaded on people’s lives. Hence, it would take the government months just to catch the invader. By the time they do, all your savings and accounts are wiped dry and you’re not going to be compensated for the lost assets. This is a catastrophe towards you because you’ve worked your whole life for …show more content…

Digitally at least, even your home is being watched. After 9/11 the government has abused the power to look into your personal life without your consent to protect the integrity of the “Homeland”. According to the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act, states that any and all privacy laws, including laws requiring a warrant for electronic communications, and those that protect financial, health or even video rental records, do not apply when companies share “cybersecurity” information, broadly defined, with the government. Did you know that with in the OPM, Office of Personal Management, your social security number, birth records, credit card amount and number, your family’s information is all on this “cloud”, that can be plucked from at any time, and it’s unprotected (Based on the article “NSA Spying Isn't Just an Illegal Invasion of Privacy—It Doesn't Stop Terror Attacks”). Anyone from everywhere in this universe can get into our information. How are we supposed to be safe when our identities are being

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