Inventing A Christian America By Steven K. Green

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Some form of religion can be found in every country around the world. The Constitution states that there is a separation of state and church in America’s government. Legally, the United States cannot declare a national religion that every citizen would have to follow. The First Amendment right of every citizen of the United States is the ability to follow any religion without fear of persecution from the government. However, many people would still define America as a “Christian nation.” and claim America was built upon Christian values. Steven K. Green debunks this claim in his book “Inventing a Christian America”. Steven Green is Fred H. Paulus Professor of Law and Affiliates Professor of History at Willamette University. At …show more content…

Steven Green states that the impact of religion during the founding of the United States should be looked at in its totality and not in distinct instances. Many people would make many claims that America was created as a nation of Christians and it was built upon Christian values. They would argue that the Constitution and other documents like the Declaration of Independence shows the founding fathers had a lot of religious values influences. This is what has become the base for creating the myth of America being a “Christian Nation”. Green begins this novel by discussing the meaning and use of the word “myth” in his book. In his book the word, “myth” does not take on its negatively connotative meaning of being something that is widely held as true but is not. Instead, “myth” takes on the definition of “a narrative of ostensibly historical events that seeks to infuse those events with greater meaning”. The “Christian Nation” myth that the author is discussing is the myth that Christianity played a very big role in the development of the United States of America’s government. Even though, the Constitution holds almost no type of language that shows that it was created based off religious values held by the founding fathers at the time. Green claims that many scholars try to relate America’s founding to “isolated statements” that made reference to God in order to show the connection between America and Christianity.

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