Investigating The Coding Procedure, Do You Think These Categories Demonstrate Construct Validity? Essay

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5. After examining the coding procedure, do you think these categories demonstrate construct validity? (Remember to justify your answer to demonstrate how you arrived at your decision) (Around 3 sentences) 6. What evidence is there to suggest the observations have acceptable reliability? (Hint: Ask yourself what information do we look for to tell us about reliability? Is this information included in the article?)? 1. Researchers manipulated the IV (Television) by controlling the amount of exposure to television programming (thirty minutes) each parent/child experienced during the study, the shows and exposure (with regard to space and access) of the television parents and children had access to. 2. Kirkorian and associates exercised experimental control by limiting the amount of television exposure participants would receive within the given time of their interaction. Similarly, by controlling the environment (using a lab setting), the room size and available play item within the environment and the angle to assure direct tv exposure, allowed for stronger assessment across variables. The Researchers implemented a varied sample with regard to education level. Lastly, as each parent was allowed to choose their own programming to their liking, thus filling in gaps where “dislike for a program” may cause false positive results within the parent’s responsiveness and quality. 3. The dependent variable was specifically measured during the second pass, in which parent involvement

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