Investigating The Nature Of Obedience

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Investigating the Nature of Obedience
Stanley Milgram managed to conduct the experiment that revealed the distinct features of the members of our society. He questioned how millions of ordinary people in Germany could obey the immoral commands of the Nazi government and provided the study exploring the mechanisms of human obedience to authorities. Though Milgram’s experiment has provoked a huge amount of criticism, the analysis of internal and external validity, ethical issues, and the contribution of the experiment to modern science reveals the significance of the findings of the study.
The experiment was designed to find out to which extent ordinary people are willing to cause pain to other innocent members of the society when instructed to follow orders. Therefore, the main object of the study is defined as people’s obedience to the instructions given by people occupying superior positions in situations putting a threat to the well being of an innocent person. The results of the study show that most people obey the instructions even if they are related to hurting people. The main lesson depicted by the author based on the results of the study shows that “ordinary people, simply doing their jobs, and without any particular hostility on their part, can become agents in a terrible destructive process” (Milgram 367).
Milgram created the conditions that helped to reveal the motive and specifics of the behavior of the participants of

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