Investment Appraisal Under Uncertainty Essay

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Investment Appraisal under Uncertainty Question a Internal Memo Date: November 15, 2012 Subject: Investment report To: Mr. Michael the Chief Engineer Mr. Richard the accountant Mrs. Rachel the economist From: Alex the Managing Director Hello, everyone, I would like to present an introduction and brief description of the investment project to you, and wish to make sense as much as possible. To begin with, this project is about creating an online-based business that specializes on consumer goods such as fashion garments, imported electronic products and food, nutrient products and many others like that. Generally speaking, all kinds of products have to be…show more content…
More importantly, it is predicted that the launch of new investment project would have particular contributions to the company’s overall performance through chasing key opportunities and reaping generous profits from China mainland. Now I want to explain why I invite you guys into this task force. Rachel: I know you are very good at forecasting business perspectives with your sophisticated mathematical models and abundant economic knowledge. Therefore, I think you might be very fit for the role of consultant in this investment project. It is because that we have to construct our own marketing and logistic networks, and we also need to choose the key submarkets in China mainland to initially launch our business. As we know, these kinds of business activities are all needed to implement professional instruments for marketing analysis, such as data collections or data mining. Consequently, I think you are the best candidate fit for this task, and the success of investment would not only bring generous monetary benefits to our company and yourself, but also improve your reputations and spur your self-esteem. Richard: I know you are very familiar with corporate accounting and comprehensive skills for financial management. It is particularly important to invite you join our group and provide experts suggestions for financial decision makings, addressing the daily transactions issues, dealing with the
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