Invictus Criminal Techniques

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Evolution of a Criminal by Darius Monroe and the poem “Invictus” by William E. Henley In the documentary Evolution of a Criminal, and the poem “Invictus”, use specific techniques to develop their encounters throughout their lives. They use literary devices to show the real meanings of what they want the reader or viewers to understand. Darius Monroe and William Henley both have been in a gloomily place in their life and as it becomes even more difficult they keep God first. Darius Monroe, from the documentary, robbed a bank and went to jail, but he never lost focus or hope of what he wanted to become when he got out. While in jail he got his GED and then went to college for filming. In the factual film, he takes a look back on his past and show the struggle of …show more content…

Also they use foreshadowing when he leaves the school to rob the bank. They show a classroom door in the beginning to tell why the door is so important in the documentary, which we later on find out that the door is significant because it’s the same classroom Darius Monroe got escorted out of the room right before he got arrested. These literary devices are very important in describing and in telling a story, it can express how you feel and it lets the reader know what you was feeling at that moment. The main theme of both the poem and documentary is the ability to thrive even when hit by a difficult trial. Even though Darius Monroe went to jail, he was still able to become a filmmaker because he had hope, he conquered all the obstacles that was in the path of getting his goal. In the poem “Invictus”, William Henley was going through some rough times and he truly was adrift in a dark pit, but he embraced it and had hope that everything was going to be okay. “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my

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