Io and Callisto

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Raunak Singh
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Dr. Efharis Kostala
February 14, 2016

Judgment Of Io and Callisto



Judgment of Io and Callisto
The uncompassionate nature of the mighty Olympian Gods leads to the hardships of two maidens; Io and Callisto as described in Ovid’s Metamorphosis. The struggles of both maidens; one a mortal and the other a divine nymph are fairly similar but have subtle differences. Bothwere victims of a sexual violence committed by Jupiter; were punished by his jealous wife Juno; were changed into animals by the Gods. The terrible treatment by the Gods and the uncompassionate attitude of the divine towards them is a theme shared in the two stories. Helpless, Io and
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Throughout the two myths it is clear that the Gods have no regards for these two maiden’s lives and morals. They have an uncompassionate attitude towards Io and Callisto. As leader of the Gods and having no one to hold him accountable for his actions, Jupiter rapes both maidens with no regard to what the consequences his actions will have on Io and Callisto. Jupiter, seeing her there weary and unprotected, said “Here, surely, my wife will not see my cunning, or if she does find out it is, oh it is, worth a quarrel!?” (prior to the rape of Callisto). However,
Jupiter is not the only one who displays that same attitude toward the maidens. Juno’s jealousy and frustration in her inability to control her husband’s infidelities leads her to alter Io and Callisto’s fates by punishing them for her husband’s actions. She is vengeful with no regard to those she punishes. The Gods, Jupiter and more specifically Juno display a cruel mind-set toward these women. When Jupiter transforms Io into a heifer, she is still able to remember her former life as a human: “she licked her father’s hand and kissed his palm, could not hold back her tears, and if only words could have come she would have begged for help, telling

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