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One misconception is that IoT is a one monolithic THING, but in fact is more like a phenomena there is no simple explanation for all the technologies involved in the movement. What we all understand are the real-life applications: Smart City, Connected Cars, Lightning, Fleet Management and all the use cases in Industrial IoT.

“Initially, leaders viewed the IoT as a silver bullet, a technology that can solve the myriad IT and business problems that their organizations faced. Very quickly, though, they recognized that without the proper framing of the problems, the IoT was essentially a solution looking for a problem.”[1]
Mark Hung, Gartner Research Vice President

Now the framing is more clear, we have several use cases where IoT is a good …show more content…

These platforms will talk to each other in any case where the information from one device have synergies with others, and just like that we have the communication era for the machines.

So, these means that is like OTT all over again? The owners of the network are already left behind?

I don’t think so. For starter OTT is essentially data over an already established consumer data connection. In this scenario, the device self-connect to the network and through an already established internet connection so, they can not do that without the mobile operators. So they will be involved from first minute.

Now, if the devices are self-connected how mobile operators will charge for the service. The answer is that there will be a significant change in who the customer is and more importantly based on what the service will be billing. The customers (from the mobile operators point of view) will be the IoT Platform owners themselves. Now the end-customer is paying for bandwidth, this new customer, will be charged based on the amount of IoT devices connected. The IoT Platform owners will translate the cost into either to the price of the good or it will be included in the subscription fee (the same way as Amazon, Netflix, etc does today) .

Without a doubt there are there are a lot

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