Ipsec And Ssl Protocols ( Vpn )

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Abstract: As the development of computers, smart phones and tablets, more and more equipment are connected to the Internet. Virtual Private Network, which establishes private network over public network has made work and life much easier for people. IPSec and SSL/TLS protocols, which provide security services, are widely used for VPN. In this paper, I’ll learn the details of IPSec and TLS/SSL protocols and provide an analysis and comparison of them.

I. Introduction

Virtual Private Network (VPN) comes to my sight by chance due to China’s great firewall blocked my access to Gmail when I stayed in China last summer. To visit the blocked websites, one of solutions is using VPN technology.
VPN is referred to set up a private network across a public network and usually can be classified by three types: [1] Remote-Access Type, which can establish a connection between a client outside and a company’s internal resources, Extranet Type, which connects different resources in different networks, and Intranet Type, which creates a connection between different resources within one network. The working theory of VPN can be briefly explained by a simple example including several steps:
Node A in Network I want to communicate to Node B in Network II via public network.
1. Since A wants to communicate with B, A will generate and send a packet whose destination IP is B’s IP address in Network II.
2. The gateway of Network I gets A’s packet and checks its destination IP, if belongs to

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