Iq Test Strengths and Weaknesses

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One of the mains strengths of IQ testing is the ability to find out if a person has the aptitude to learn. IQ test have also been used to admit people into prestigious organizations and to put children in special education programs. IQ testing also further breaks down peoples strengths in specific areas such as math, music, science and language to name a few. This can be very helpful in guiding a person into a specific field of study. IQ test are used to award grants and scholarships to gifted students in order to get the best and brightest students properly educated. IQ testing also shows what weak areas a person has and helps them to improve upon those weaknesses. A main weakness of IQ testing is properly designing a test to …show more content…

I do believe some of the disparities in test taking could be because of the differences in cognitive factors between racial, ethnic, religious, and socioeconomic groups. “Nisbett (2003) proposed a view of the differences in cognitive styles between Western and East Asian students.” Nisbett used experimental data to show that Eastern Asians were more holistic in their perceptions than were the West Asians. This shows that

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