Stereotyping of Asian American Youth: The Effects on Performance in Academics

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Introduction: Throughout American history, the United States has been a cauldron where different diversities mix and mingle. In this hot pot of diversity, all of the ingredients (ethnicities) will not always conform to one and other; this could possibly lead to discrimination. This paper will be primarily focus on the discrimination towards Asian American youth of the 21st century and how it affects their academics. The research question guiding this investigation is “To what extent does the stereotyping of Asian American high school students as the model minority impact their performance on standardized tests such as ACT?” The focus will lead towards the stereotyping of Asian American students such as smart, math geniuses, or good at …show more content…

Vincent Chin was a Chinese orphan who came to the United States with his adoptive parents. He went to college and graduated obtaining his Bachelors in engineering. At the age of 27, on track with the love of his life he was about to achieve the American dream, getting married and raising a family. Before his wedding, he went out with friends on a bachelors party at a bar. This was the scene where the two assailants, Ronald Ebens and his stepson Michael Nitz, targeted Mr.Chin and followed him to a Mcdonalds. The two men found and beat Vincent chin to death presuming he was Japanese. Due to Japan’s automotive invasion of the United States, Chin’s assailants were laid off from their careers at an automotive company which was the underlying cause of the resentment towards Asians. Ebens and Nitz blamed Japanese people for the economic downfall of the U.S automotive industry. This incident brought up the controversy American society has planted on the Asian race,“they all look the same.” These negative stereotypes casted upon Asian society brought the community together to rebel against the injustice and oppression. Ms.Chin ,Vincent Chin's mother, became an activist rallying support at Asian dinners and family restaurants continued the spread of the message and further united the Asian community. Due to the

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