Irony In These Essay Questions Is The Real Thing?

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Steven Lin Essay-Rhetorical Analysis

Many authors use rhetorical devices as a way to convey a theme. In the works ¨Which of These Essay Questions is the Real Thing?¨ by Alexander Schneider and ¨What I Really Wanted to Write in My Admissions Essays¨ by Rachel Toor, both authors use irony and exaggeration to appeal to pathos.Their appeals to pathos are humorous, proving the ridiculous nature of the college admissions process, especially the crafting of college admissions essay. The work by Alexander Schneider was very Ironic which appealed to Pathos and proved that the college application process was easy to lie about, since if you want to go to that college just write what makes you a model student. One example of how he showed …show more content…

In her essay, she exaggerates the amount of things she does during her free time to show how anyone writing a college transcript can easily lie. This shows that even the most boring person can write all this down. This helps appeal to pathos because it's humorous and funny. She also uses humor to ridicule the question about if you were a vegetable. She makes fun of it by explaining it in great detail which keeps the audience reading since it appeals to pathos. Another question about why she wants to attend the Fancy Pants University, she uses irony to show that she's writing the truth on how most students actually are like, not what the reader expects to hear. Comparing most of Rachel Toor's essays in ¨What I Really Wanted to Write in My Admissions Essays¨ to Alexander’s, many of Toor’s essays were based around exaggerating the process while Schneider was mostly using irony. This really shows that there are many rhetorical tools that authors can use to show their point. All in all Rachel Toor exaggerates and use an ironic tone to answer dumb questions asked by colleges to appeal to the audience through pathos to ridicule the questions asked by

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