Is A Dream Lost In The American Dream

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A Dream Lost?

America is often thought to be the land of opportunity, where dreams come true, where people leave behind their old lives running from corruption, poverty, famine, or could just simply be looking for greater opportunity. Is this really what America is today, do these dreams still really exist in the common folk who wish to make something come true, make the “American Dream” come true. In the poem I, too sing America by Langston Hughes the people of story express how they are living in the shadows of others, how their looked over in society. America too has lost its luster of hope and the reputation that held behind the name “America”. In Let America be America Again Langston Hughes again demonstrates how America has lost its luster where he says, “Let America be the dream dreamers dreamed.” In this quote Langton Hughes tells us how America has changed, that it’s different from when the first dreamers created the land of dreams that America once was. The American dream is a something that is highly based on perspective, from the perspective of a second class citizen named Walter Lee from A Raisin in the Sun, a play by Lorraine Hansberry Walter cries, “All of it, it’s all gone….” In this Walter just learned that the money he had received from his father’s death was stolen. He had been wanting the money to try to invest and make something of himself, for himself, for his family, but all that is lost in the blink of an eye. This is how Walter's dream died before

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