Is Aaron Qualified For Speech?

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Prior to attending school in Eudora, Aaron received services from the Wellsville School District. Aaron was initially evaluated for Part C in 2005- 2006 as a two year old. Due to the severity of Aaron’s speech delay, Aaron qualified for speech services. In 2006-2007 concerns continued to exist about Aaron’s academics and social skills. His IEP team recommended placement in PALS (preschool) class. The following year (2007-2008), as a four year old, Aaron’s services continued in the ECSE preschool program. At that time Occupational Therapy Services were added to work on motor skills. Aaron was re-evaluated April 18, 2008 to determine if he still qualified for special education. This re-evaluation indicated that Aaron had shown a great deal of progress in the area of speech and language. His speech was becoming more intelligible to those who had limited exposure to Aaron. Although, Aaron made great strides in his speech, he continued to show deficits in sound production and grammatical skills. These skills had an impact on Aaron’s ability to communicate his needs and wants. Academic testing at this re-evaluation indicated a delay in phonemic awareness skills. A delay in this area often impacts reading and phonics. It was determined at this re-evaluation that Aaron continued to qualify for speech and language services. In addition, this evaluation indicated that Aaron would benefit from academic support in the Kindergarten classroom and sped services in the

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