Diagnosis Of A Functional Behavioral Assessment Essay

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DIAGNOSIS Anthonio “Tony” Ceja is a fifteen-year, six-month old male diagnosed with Autism (ASD) per Psychological Assessment evaluation administered 2003, by an Inland Regional Center Psychologist. REFERRAL Parents reported that they requested a referral through IEHP to administer a Functional Behavioral Assessment based on concerns with Anthonio’s maladaptive behaviors. HOME DYNAMICS Anthonio resides in a house in Riverside, California. He lives with his biological parents, Mr. Anthonio Ceja and Mrs. Gloria Ceja, as well as his biological siblings. Evelyn Ceja is his sister, who is nineteen-years old, and Brandon Flores, is his brother, who is twenty-one years-old. The family has five dogs. Both English and Spanish is spoken the home. Parents reported that Anthonio’s interaction with his family tends to be verbally aggressive and loving at the same time. Anthonio enjoys playing video games, playing mindcraft, playing on the computer, the character Yoshi, eating, hugs, tokens, and listening to music. THERAPY/SERVICE HISTORY Anthonio is currently in the ninth grade and enrolled at Bright Futures Academy located in Riverside, CA. Anthonio is placed in a Special Education Class. Jonathan is in class with eleven students, one teacher, and two aides. Parents reports that Anthonio has received Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy in the past. Parents also reported that Anthonio has previously received ABA services in the past. Parents report their past experiences with their
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