Is Abortion A Choice?

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A seventeen year old strolls down an anonymous back alley way in the city, and she carries within her an unborn offspring of 4 months. She had attempted to hide it, yet the signs were at long last showing. She was sexually assaulted a few months prior by her ex, and she now carries their undesirable child. She should not be compelled to nurture and administer to the child she had not prepared for. She also should not be compelled to love a child who will, for her each waking minute, remind her of the night her rights were stripped from her. The decision to securely prematurely end her undesirable pregnancy should be her decision. Unfortunately, this sort of a story is a reality for a large number of young teenage girls around …show more content…

Despite whether it is right or wrong, the difference that exists in the middle of abortion and homicide will be examined and discussed for a considerable length of time to come.
There are numerous perspectives to abortion. The two most essential are "pro-choice" and "pro-life". A “pro-choice” individual would feel that the decision to consciously end a pregnancy is that of the mother 's, and that the state should have no right to interfere (Head). A person who is “pro-life” believes that right when conception takes place, the fetus is alive, and so abortion becomes murder (Head). Around 1 out of 4 pregnancies end in abortion each year (Institute:). The abortion rate in the United States is astounding when compared with other countries (Institute:). More than an enormous amount of all premature births are performed on women 25 and under (Institute:). There are a considerable measure of reasons women go through when deciding to settle on this passionate decision. A large portion of the reason why women chose abortion, incorporate financial issues, instability, rape, or the fact that they are simply not prepared to consider raising a child. The decision in itself is an extremely emotionally scaring decision; I ought to know, because I once had to make this extremely difficult decision. I have always been against abortion. I was never an abortion radical, yet I did feel that prematurely ending a child, or embryo, before it has even had an opportunity to live was not

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