Is Cheaper By The Dozen?

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The move I chose to write about is Cheaper By The Dozen, which was a popular movie that came out in 2003. Cheaper By the Dozen is about a family of 12 living a chaotic life after they had to move away from their childhood home. It is also about how both parents try to balance the work life, and parent life, but don’t succeed. The dad by the end realized that his career wasn’t best for family life, and the family is happy, and getting along. There were many aspects in the movie Cheaper By the Dozen that were related to many different things we are learning in our parenting class. The whole move was about a family, and how the family had troubles, but in the end they still loved each other just as much. One example of parenting is the parenting style that was portrayed in the movie. The parents, Tom and Kate, both exhibited an authoritative form of parenting, which showed that they had control over their kids, but also encouraged them to be independent in their own ways. I think this is something important to note, because the style of the parenting effects how the children behave, and also has long-term effects to the children to. Some other aspects that related to parenting was how the parent child relationship evolved after moving to the new city, and how it effected their family in a positive and negative way. Lastly, I would say that how chaotic the family got after the mom left, and the dad was in charge. It was like all boundaries were thrown at the window, and they
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