Is China A Water Solution?

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China has faced this water crisis for decades yet have not anything extremely effective to combat the turmoil as a result of a corrupt government, political issues and lack of money in cities needing help the most. The state have made evident effort to combat water shortages yet limited efforts have been made to improve their water quality, consequently resulting in the water pollution worsening. The Chinese government, to reduce the amount of toxic waste and sewage polluting drinking sources, has built water treatment facilities. However, these have not worked as these facilities are abandoned by their local operators because of the high cost of operating them. The Chinese civilians have been alarmed by the amount of pollution in its rivers, that the government have started enacting new environmental regulations and laws and taking more action to clean up its rivers. Beijing is closing polluting factories, building new sewage treatment plants and changing agricultural practices. By placing these regulations all the government must do is ensure that they are followed to see a positive effect, however these laws are widely ignored. Money set for wastewater projects is often re-appropriated to build power plants. The Chinese government have admitted that China has serious water pollution problems and designated $132 billion for cleaning up and improving China 's water supply. Allocations included $30 billion for urban water supply projects and $50 million in wastewater

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