Is Christianity A Justifiable Excuse For Discrimination Of Lgbt Rights Within Western Society?

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March 3rd, 2017 Is Christianity a Justifiable Excuse for Discrimination of LGBT Rights Within Western Society? “Religious organization” shall be construed broadly to encompass any organization, including closely held for-profit corporations, operated for a religious purpose, even if its purpose is not exclusively religious, and is not limited to houses of worship or tax-exempt organizations, or organizations controlled by or associated with a house of worship or a convention or association of churches -Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision. Bills passed such as these
Religious organization are religious supported institutions that maintain the preservation of places of worship such as churches, temples, or …show more content…

They could claim that their offensive behavior was motivated by religious beliefs or ideologies. By allowing this discrimination or what they see as ‘religious expression’, religious organizations will be permitted to discriminate against the LGBT community, this belief is supported through specific examples such as church based engineering, civil marriage, and faith based initiative. Firstly, these religious organizations have the right to overturn the ban on Church-Based electioneering. By removing the ban on church electioneering would allow for these groups to guide resources toward far-right candidates who oppose diversity such as the same-sex marriages or the LGBT community. No relationship between church such as the House of Worship and politics should be established “Houses of worship must not become cogs in a partisan political machine”. This would allow for them to build a church-based political machine forcing other to obey their beliefs though laws. Houses of worship and religious organizations have the right to address social and political issues, however there are restrictions put in place such as the federal tax laws which ban tax-exempt entities to oppose candidates for public office. Such actions are clearly prohibited by the Internal Revenue Code. Most Christian public figures support The Alliance Defense

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